2021 Selling Local Foods in Missouri Series

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The 2021 Selling Local Food in Missouri Series will feature four distinct classes (or sessions) providing producers with information on how to sell their food and agriculture products in Missouri. Sessions will feature speakers from the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) and MU Extension and will provide participants with the most up-to-date information on rules and regulations they need follow to sell their products to consumers in Missouri.

Session 1 (March 2)- Resources Available From MDA and MU Extension. Explore resources for producers selling local food offered by MDA & MU Extension.

Session 2 (March 9)- Selling Meat and Poultry. Learn the state regulations you need to know to sell your meat and poultry locally and learn best practices from a successful livestock producer.

Session 3 (March 16)- Selling Produce and Eggs. Learn the state regulations you need to know to sell your produce and/or eggs.

Session 4 (March 23)- Selling Value-Added Products. Learn the state regulations you need to follow to sell value-added products, such as canned products, baked goods, etc.

Cost: $15 per session or $40 for all four sessions

Contact: Leslie Bertsch, [email protected], 314-400-2115

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