Discover & Lead with Your Strengths

  • Face to Face


Every day employees are spending more and more time working in team and group situations. But few of them have ever received any training in how to succeed in these situations. Many employees are even threatened by the process.

During this program, you will learn and practice the fundamentals of building effective and productive work groups. You will walk away from this program with tools and techniques that can help you turn low-performance groups into high-performance teams.

You will take a self-assessment in advance of this training to learn your top 5 strengths and how you can work better and more productively in a team environment.

Key Information:

  • Discover and identify your personal talents and strengths through a self-assessment and guidance from a certified coach
  • Learn how to leverage and aim your talents and strengths effectively and successfully on any task
  • Identify your unique and valuable contribution to the team and learn to lead others in doing the same
  • Learn to identify what your need from the team and the workplace and lead others to do the same
  • Learn how to better understand yourself and others in a team environment
  • Discover how you gather information and come to conclusions, and how that may differ from others
  • Discover how your strengths may also be your greatest liabilities under certain conditions
  • Tap into the quantum power of learning styles, intelligence, personality types, and emotional intelligence
  • How to use personality styles to your group’s advantages
  • Put your group to work solving problems
  • Explore why teams succeed and why they fail

Cost: $279 per person

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Contact: Tara Horton at [email protected] or 417-837-2617

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