Positioning for Successful Ownership Transition

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A smooth and effective ownership transition plan requires advanced preparation and regular reviews. In this seminar, we will provide an overview of how to maximize company value and the elements of designing and executing an ownership transition plan that provides viable options for both the existing owners and the potential successors. The more effectively a business plans for future succession, the more successful and valuable it will be.

Topics include:

  • 3 Business Ownership Lifecycles & Accounting Strategies for each
  • Identification of Potential Buyers
  • Partial Ownership Transfers (Stock Sale)
  • Full Ownership Transfers (Asset Sale)
  • Buyer Benefits vs. Seller Benefits
  • Owner Financing Options
  • Pros & Cons of Retaining Real Estate Post Sale
  • How Equipment Leases & Business Debts Affect Value

Cost: $109.00 per person

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