The Basics of Writing a Business Plan


Start your business planning, or ramp up your game plan, with this two-hour class on Basics of Writing a Business Plan. Designed for current and aspiring business owners, this class is perfect for entrepreneurs who need to create a business plan, but have little or no knowledge of how to get started. Learn the key elements of a basic plan and how it can be a useful management tool.

Participants will get tips and guidelines on writing styles and formats that produce polished, professional plans. Business counselors will facilitate class discussions to help participants consider individual situations, opportunities and additional valuable resources. Discussions are facilitated by business counselors who will help you ex-amine your individual situation, explore opportunities and discover new ideas. You’ll learn from other participants and have a host of valuable resources available to you.

Cost is: $49 with scholarships available if you bundle with a multi-session course from our center. Check our calendar at

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