Workforce Recruitment and Retention in Rural Missouri Webinar Series: Session 1 - Using publically available data to better understand your workforce

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About this series
In spite of the current economic challenges, attracting and retaining workers remains on ongoing concern for many businesses, particularly those located in more rural locations. This three-part series will encourage private and public sector leaders to think more strategically about how they can recruit and retain workers within their businesses, or the community at large. Drs. Mark White and Robert Russell from MU Extension’s Labor and Workforce Development Program will develop and deliver this series of online sessions.

Session 1: Using publically available data to better understand your workforce
Greater information can allow employers and communities more strategically attract and retain workers. The first session of this series will introduce attendees to several publicly-available Labor Market Information (LMI) tools that can help businesses answer key regional labor force questions, including:

  • How far do area workers travel for work?
  • What is a competitive wage in a given occupation?
  • How do I find relevant post-secondary programs that meet my needs?

The session will involve a combination of presentation and tool demonstrations. It will also provide attendees with links to additional resources.

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