Missouri Economy Indicators

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Vol. 4, Issue 11: Online Microbusiness Trends – Sept. 18, 2023 (PDF)

Top Missouri County Microbusinesses by Revenue

Most owners use their microbusiness for supplemental income while holding down a regular job. However, nearly 8 in 10 owners using the business for extra money hope to turn it into full-time employment or a major source of income. Health-Medical, Retail, and Sports microbusinesses are top revenue drivers for Missouri counties.

Vol. 4, Issue 10: Work Activities of Home Internet Users – Aug. 30, 2023 (PDF)

Internet Usage for Remote Work or Completing Online Training Courses, by Selected Groups

In 2023, most Missouri households had an internet subscription (87%), while less than one-tenth either did not have internet service or didn’t know if it was available (9%). Only a small portion of households chose not to purchase available internet services (4%), largely due to affordability concerns among those with lower incomes. Three out of four respondents (76%) used the internet for work-related activity, but tasks varied among population groups.

Vol. 4, Issue 9: Women in Business and Civic Leadership – July 24, 2023 (PDF)

Women in leadership

Missouri women made up nearly half of the labor pool in 2020 yet led 43% of the state’s payroll businesses either themselves or with male partners. Solely female-owned firms were an even smaller share (25%) compared to male-owned businesses (57%). In 2021, adult women accounted for 51% of Missouri's population but only 26% of the state's legislative body; by 2023 this share had increased to 29%, still smaller than Missouri's female population.

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