CG Creations- New Bloomfield, MO

  • Published: Monday, Sept. 16, 2019

Life brings all types of people together, and these relationships are the glue to maintaining a healthy society. However, friends and loved ones often have little time to spend with one another or even plan to spend time with each other. 

With that in mind Christina Walker, owner of CG Creations, decided to facilitate planning and designing events, special moments, and celebrations that bring people together and build relationships.

Walker’s business began like most: with a passion. Walker, a Missouri native, has always been the creative type, designing decorative pieces and floral arrangements for the fun and beauty of it. Then she realized she could turn a hobby into a business. One beautiful floral arrangement on her desk turned into an order for more, and clients began to ask her to make a variety of arrangements and wreaths. In January 2019, she had the idea of starting her business, CG Creations. 

Walker’s creativity and positive approach to life attracted a market of potential clients and a network of support. She decided that she could make a living off her passion, but didn’t know how to turn her idea into an actual business. As a working mother of two, Walker was stuck. She took her dream to the Missouri Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Lincoln University in Jefferson City and met Center Director Lauren Carter. 

Carter was there from the beginning: she helped Walker decide what kind of business she wanted to pursue, determine a business name, and establish her brand. Carter even assisted Walker in developing a checklist to be used when planning an event, which is essential when tracking project completion dates, money spent on products, assuring that clients are maintaining their own deadlines, and outlining client responsibilities. “With these documents and SBDC’s help, I am sure to succeed,” Walker says.

Carter is currently working with Walker to create contacts for a variety of event packages, including hourly and floral arrangement prices. Once she sets her standard prices, she will be able to advertise and gain more clients and determine invoice formats.

Walker was also advised on how to market her business to potential clients and other businesses in need of her services. The Missouri SBDC provided suggestions for websites to create logos, formatting information for business cards, and promotional material ideas. Following Carter’s advice, Walker visited local churches and businesses and has received contacts to create all floral arrangements to decorate for events. CG Creations will also be referred to couples getting married at each church, permitting growth through steady referrals Walker now has a business email, website, and profile on Google, thanks to the help of SBDC consultants.

“I can’t believe how organized and professional things are with my business,” says Walker. 
Since officially launching CG Creations, Walker has coordinated and decorated multiple wedding ceremonies and several other events, including her first booth at a wedding expo in the Capital City Mall in Jefferson City. This event allowed her to speak to a significant number of potential clients in one setting. She received positive feedback from brides-to-be, as well as valuable advice from other businesses at adjacent booths. 

With help from the Missouri SBDC, Walker has made major strides in her advertising and managing efforts. CG Creations began servicing the Jefferson City community in the spring of 2019 and has since grown into a fully functioning, professional, and successful small business. Now Walker is free to let her creative side enjoy the process of designing floral arrangements and planning events.

“I will do what it takes to make my business a success,” says Walker. “There are many people who want and need this service, and I can’t wait to make them my clients and help their event dreams come true”