Instructions for SBIR project profile

  • Published: Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019

Thank you for requesting the initial application form. Although the information requested in this form is not all that is needed, it serves as a beginning to organize your ideas and thoughts before contacting the staff at the MO SBTDC.

Requests for MO SBTDC assistance must be submitted on the accompanying two-page application and submitted electronically to the committee. Adequate space is provided to respond to the specific requests in sufficient detail. A need for additional space or attachments may be an indication that your approach is not well thought out.

The applicant must use 10-point type to complete the form. Times, Times Roman, or Arial typeface is preferred. The applications are best supported by utilizing Microsoft Word to input information.

  1. Download the Project Profile form (Word document).
  2. Fill out all sections in the form that are applicable to your company. Note if you have not formed a company, then leave the company name blank.
  3. In order to type your information into a section, click in the area below the required field and begin typing.
  4. In order to check a box, double click on the box, change the default value to checked, and click OK.
  5. All responses must fit within the allotted space.
  6. Submit the entire two-page application electronically to one of our technology development and commercialization specialists.