The Dragonfly Journey – Columbia, MO

  • Published: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

For some, pursuing a lifelong dream or turning a hobby into a full-time job is the inspiration behind opening their business. For Yvette Chambers, owner of The Dragonfly Journey in Columbia, Missouri, her goal was to help families practice behavioral health skills and calming techniques through yoga. 

“I want to empower children and parents to be the best they can be,” explains Chambers. “I want every child to learn coping skills so that they can evaluate life better.”

She says that she has seen and experienced the positive outcomes of yoga, guided imagery, and coaching. She believes that these practices can lead to a better understanding of mindfulness which can improve one’s life. It is this potential that Chambers wanted to share with others.

Chambers works at a before and after school program offered to public schools in the Columbia area through the University of Missouri (MU). But, she wanted to become more involved in her community. 

So, after years of dreaming about helping others, she took a leap of faith and decided to start her studio. However, Chambers knew she needed assistance to bring that dream to life. 

In October of 2018, Chambers was referred by another business owner to the Missouri Small Business Development Center (SBDC) hosted at MU. There, she began receiving guidance from SBDC business development consultant Mark Christian. 

Christian helped Chambers register her business with the state of Missouri and form her LLC. With his assistance, she was able to write her business plan, create a marketing strategy, and determine a pricing structure. He offered advice, resources, and assistance whenever she faced difficulties or had questions. 

Now, the Dragonfly Journey is open and holds regular classes within Jabberwocky Studios, Inc. in Columbia. The business is growing as Chambers strives to teach others about mindfulness and other helpful habits. In July of 2019, she is hosting a summer program called Camp CALM (Connections Awareness Learning Mindfulness). Later in the fall of 2019, she will also teach classes on mindful parenting at the Columbia Area Career Center. 

Seeing her business grow is exciting for Chambers. Though, she notes that finding a balance can be difficult since she must divide her time between the Dragonfly Journey, her three children, and her education, as she is working on her master’s degree in positive psychology at MU.

“It’s great!” exclaims Chambers. “But it’s coming a little fast.”

As her classes expand, Chambers hopes to work with sports teams in the future and to teach others about team building. And while she continues to help families understand the importance of mindfulness, she says she would like to see more of the SBDC in the future, too.
“The SBDC gave me the support and guidance I needed to start my business,” says Chambers. She adds that the assistance she found at the center was invaluable and that she will continue to work with the SBDC program as her business grows.