Worksheet 1: Startup costs

  • Published: Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019

Use this worksheet to project startup costs. Be sure to differentiate between items you already own and those that need to be purchased.

Before your business can earn money, you will need to invest in its startup costs. These do not include its operating expenses.

Use this sample format to estimate your startup costs. List the costs of items you have already purchased in the “already purchased” column and those you still need in the “still needed” column.

Worksheet 1: Startup costs

One time requirements before startup

Items already purchased:

Items still needed before startup:

Legal, accounting & professional services$$
Advertising & promotions$$
Deposits for utilities$$
Licenses and permits$$
Prepaid insurance$$
Salary & wages$$
Payroll taxes$$
Truck & vehicle$$
Tools & supplies$$
Furniture & fixtures$$
Machines & equipment$$
Building improvements$$
Land & buildings$$
Starting inventory$$
Cash (working capital)$$
Other (specify):$$


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