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COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Missouri Small Business Development Centers offer personalized and extensive services from knowledgeable and helpful professionals. In the latest episode of “Show-Me MO Success,” the University of Missouri’s Business and Community Extension podcast, listeners hear an example of how a Columbia business is working with the SBDC to develop and grow.

In this episode, host Luke Dietterle interviews Paul Zacharias, small business counselor at the Missouri SBDC, and Ranjana and Chetan Hans, owners of Raw Roots Turmeric, to discuss running a small business and the resources available at the SBDC.

“We just came here six years ago, but I know through the history of Columbia, many services or many products or many companies started in Columbia as a base,” Chetan Hans says. “The reason being is that the community is highly supportive.”

MU Extension has programs to benefit Missourians throughout the state. This podcast features faculty members and their clients discussing the impact of these programs on communities and businesses in Missouri. Podcast listeners will hear how to reach out to MU Extension to access resources.

“Show-Me MO Success” is available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music. Scan the QR code below or go to to listen to ways you can improve your business and community with the help of MU Extension.

Afshan Musani, Marketing Ambassador
University of Missouri Extension–Business and Community