Name Title Phone
Deena Aaron Office Support Assistant IV 573/341-7584
Mike Adams Business Development Impact, Evaluation and Process Management Specialist 573/882-3627
Kelly Asbury Business Development 660-596-7350
Joel B. Barrett Development Consultant 816/235-6063
Mark Calhoun Technology Consultant 816/235-6063
Bryce Cardwell Business Counselor
Lauren Carter Business Development 573-681-5031
Mark Christian Small Business Development Center Business Specialist 573-884-7667
Lance Coffman BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 417/837-2638
Macee Curtis Business Development 417-837-2617
Julie Edge Technology Development & Commercialization Consultant 816-235-6074
Evette Eickelmann SBDC Counselor 573-341-4551
Evette Eickelmann SBDC Counselor 573-341-4551
Julie Estes Small Business Consultant 573-756-3615
Katie Fields BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 417/625-9520
Leslie Fischer Missouri SBDC Director of International Trade
Sean Freeman Business Development 573/221-1033
Theodore Gutierrez Missouri SBDC State Director and Business Development Education Director 573/882-9869
Yvetta Hamilton Missouri SBDC Business Support Specialist 573/884-1555
Jill Hathaway SR DIR PROGRAM/PROJECT OPS 816/235-5528
Tara Horton BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 417/837-2617
Chrystal Irons BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 417/837-2617
Amy Jackson Business Development 417-837-2600
Paige Jones BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 573/693-9010
Emmanuel Joshua BUSINESS COUNSELOR 314/241-1005
Brianna Kliethermes BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 573/550-1885
Maria Kuhns BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 573/795-6610
Ed Lahue Field Specialist in Business Development 314-502-9814
Rickey Leathers Senior Business Development Consultant 816-235-6428
Kelsey Little Business Development 417/628-9557
Rebecca Lobina BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 816/232-4461
Devon Moody-Graham Business Counselor 314/241-1005
Marsha Moore Small Business Development Center Business Counselor 573/884-3476
Colleen Mulvihill BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 314/615-7694
Sherry Noller Missouri SBDC Associate State Director 573/882-5845
Jakob Pallesen Business Development 573-651-5156
Ashley Shafer BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 660/665-3348
Louis Shaikun Business Consultant 636-229-5276
Sandra Smart BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 417/837-2617
Melvin Steele BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 417/255-7966
Anastasia Tiedemann BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 660/665-3348
Lynette Watson Missouri SBDC Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and St. Louis Regional Director 314/241-1005
Emily Westermier BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 660-530-5822
Sally Williams Senior Business Development Consultant 816-235-6074
Kevin Wilson BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 573-882-8570
John Woodson Associate Director of Technology Transfer 573-341-7544
Paul Zacharias Small Business Development Center Business Counselor 573/884-1989
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