Export Planning Streamlined

The Missouri Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) recently brought a new international export business planning platform to small businesses across the state.

The Export Plan: Market Entry Strategy

In the previous article, we looked at tools that were available online from US Census sources and through Missouri SBDC counselors to identify potential markets at the country level.  This resulted in a prioritized list of countries to consider for export based on factors such as U.S.

Taking business to heart: High-tech, small-town business ready to grow, Dynatek Labs - Galena, MO

In a small town in the heart of America is a high-tech company that tests medical devices that end up in the actual hearts of people around the world.

Sally Williams Selected as 2021 Missouri SBDC State Star

Williams’s colleagues have described her as having a deep dedication to her work and her clients as well as delivering quality and caring, one-on-one counseling and training facilitation that makes a difference.

Taking Missouri small businesses to the next level: CARES Act enables 12 to ‘Elevate’

Twelve Missouri small businesses accepted the challenge to take their businesses to the next level at the beginning of 2021.

The Export Plan: Market Research

Now that you have confirmed there are no export restrictions on your product or service, you are ready to develop your strategy to export your product. The effectiveness of the export plan you develop will hold the key to whether the international marketplace becomes a significant revenue stream for your business. While there are different opinions on the nature of the export plan, the following eight areas capture those topics that…

Warriors on the business automation front, Mora Technologies - Warrensburg, MO

In ancient Sparta, a mora was a unit of about 600 well-trained soldiers that moved as one. In modern Warrensburg, Missouri, Mora Technologies is a business automation startup with an ethos that echoes that of the Spartan warriors: professionalism and excellence.

Sending students happiness in a box, TLC for College - Sedalia, MO

When three of Marina Scheiner’s nieces were away at college, Scheiner wanted to send them boxes of goodies to ensure they felt supported, appreciated and encouraged. But even with good intentions,“it was so hard to get it done. That conundrum sparked an idea.

Exporting: The First Step

Earlier in this series we looked at some of the benefits and basics of exporting. In this article, we will review an important first step, how to determine if there are no export control restrictions on your product or service. Unless there is a potential military or dual military-civilian use, it is likely there will not be export restrictions on your product or service.

Some Basics of Exporting

In the first article, we shared some basic information on some of the “whys” of exporting, including the expected growth in the international market for US businesses and available resources in this area for the small business owner to succeed. In this article, we will start to explore some of the factors to take into account as you reach a decision regarding if exporting is the right next step for your business.

Should I Export My Business’s Goods and Services?

Are you a small business owner that is not currently exporting your goods and services, but is considering it? Are you concerned about how to make the right decision on this important question for your company and how to prepare your business for success in this area? If so, this column is for intended for you. It is my goal to share information to help position you and your business for a decision on exporting. 

Defending Small Business Cyber Assets Series

 A webinar series to help small businesses secure and defend their business asset

SEO for Small Business

SEO Part 1 - The BasicsDate: Tuesday, March 9, 2021Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CST)Registration closedDive into the foundation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and help you better understand what you can do to improve your online presence

Crafting Seamless Business Plans with the SBDC - Nine Patch Quilt & Fabrics, Nevada, MO

After two years of planning, in April 2006, Erica Skouby said goodbye to her corporate job and started her own quilt shop. In June 2006 Nine Patch Quilt & Fabrics opened to the public, carrying cotton fabric, books, patterns, and handmaid gifts. Skouby also hosts classes on quilting and machine embroidery, completes custom sewing for customers, and donates her time to supplying pillowcases for children staying at Heartland…

Missouri farmer spreads MU Extension mission to beginning producers

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Missouri’s array of soils and topography allows producers to grow an extensive list of vegetables, from leafy greens to cucurbits. Springfield farmer Curtis Millsap is one of many producers who benefit from University of Missouri Extension guidance on commercial horticulture. Since 2003 he and his wife, Sarah, have been working with MU Extension, particularly horticulture specialist Patrick Byers.

Having Communication Problems? We’ve Got Language Solutions, Language Solutions - St. Louis, MO

The relationships Wurst has made with the SBDC gave her the confidence to make decisions for her company during unpredictable times. Wurst has continued to expand and elevate her business and the services that Language Solutions provide.

Helping a Community Stay Connected, St. Charles IT - St. Charles, MO

2020 has shown businesses, employees, teachers, students, and families how important a good internet connection can be. The transition to doing work and school from home, for many, has been difficult. Businesses and schools were not prepared for the curveballs that were thrown this year. St. Charles IT of St. Charles, Missouri, was built for these types of circumstances and has helped hundreds of customers make the switch.

Scaling a Veteran Business, KC Cattle Company - Weston, MO

After exploring various pathways, the 4-year-old KC Cattle Co. of Weston, Missouri, found itself on solid footing the last 18 months, says owner Patrick Montgomery.

Preventing pests and business stress, Preferred Pest Control, LLC - St. Joseph, MO

In 1970, Russell Smith started his own pest control business, Preferred Pest Control. 50 years and three generations later, Perry and Dawn Cooperider now manage the business and have watched it grow for many years. Along with their small team of experienced exterminators, the Cooperiders keep the homes and businesses of their community clear of destructive bugs and pests.

Staying healthy during a pandemic: A rural doctors' office experience, Heartland Physicians and Surgeons - Kirksville, MO

Are you in need of a checkup, consultation, surgery, or the Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication (TIF) procedure? The staff at Heartland Physicians and Surgeons in Kirksville, Missouri is dedicated to their community’s health, even during a global pandemic.

Rural art gallery transitions to e-commerce amid pandemic, Art Impressions Gallery and Framing, Sullivan Creative - Sedalia, MO

“One of my passions is to help small businesses,” said Garnetta Sullivan, owner of her own two small businesses, Art Impressions Gallery and Framing and Sullivan Creative in Sedalia, Missouri.

Keeping the doors open and people employed, Prock Operations - St. James, MO

"It absolutely has helped keep us going as a business." That's what Carla Lee, Prock Operations corporate counsel, said about the Missouri Small Business Development Center (SBDC) support and the coronavirus relief the company received through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) earlier this year.

Assessing the pandemic risks, Core Financial Services, Inc. - Kansas City, MO

When unavoidable disaster strikes, small business owners often find themselves lost and alone. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Lisa Sicola knew she had someone in her corner that she could rely on.

Partnership with MU business students seeds innovation across Missouri

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Over the last year, more than 600 University of Missouri business students have worked in dozens of communities across the state helping small businesses find solutions and opportunities even during these uncertain times.

The little inn that could, Sandpiper Landing Inn - Branson, MO

  In the early part of the 20th century, as the automobile became affordable and highways were built to connect the country, Americans took to the road. Numerous family-owned motels popped up along the routes to accommodate them.

Brewing up business and spirits: One brewpub’s pandemic experience, Minglewood Brewery - Cape Girardeau, MO

 Craft beers and cocktails in a can — delivered curbside or to your door: two ways you can get your favorite drinks from your local watering hole while socially distancing in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in 2020.

FireUP Your HR for Small Business

Seize the opportunity to develop real-time human resource (HR) tools in order to get better results and gain a distinct competitive edge.

Streaming through a pandemic, Creative Edge - Cape Girardeau, MO

Wray founded Creative Edge in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in 1999, largely as a real estate marketing agency. His primary goal was to build a company that helped businesses “create their edge in the marketplace.” The company now produces nearly 50 real estate TV shows across the country. Recently, Wray added a Creative Services division that works with other industries, including agriculture, health care, and manufacturing. At the end of…

Surviving ‘COVID chaos’ as an essential small business, Vision Clinic - Springfield, MO

Furloughing family is not something Dr. Steve Rice ever thought he would have to do. Then along came the new coronavirus.

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